Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

If you are shopping online, be sure to use a secure browser. Keep your personal information private and shop with companies you know are reputable. Do not give out your Social Security number, e-mail address, telephone number or address unless you know who is collecting the information and how they will use it. Save all transaction information, including e-mails and records of any phone conversations.

If you are dining out, valet parking is nice, but don't be too lax. Don't leave any personal items or your garage door opener in your vehicle and NEVER leave your house key with the attendant. Give them only the key they will need to park  your vehicle.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

On behalf of the men and women of The Mesa Police Department who are working this holiday:

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  It is our privilage to serve this community.  Enjoy your loved ones today.  We have the Watch.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

With the craziness of Black Friday and Holiday shopping, please be cautious and aware at all times while you are out. Additional safety tips can be found here.
  • Don't leave any valuables in your vehicle; clean out your car before heading out to shop.
  • Lock all packages in the trunk when you leave a store, before heading to the next one. If you wait to put your purchases in your trunk when you arrive at the next store, thieves in the parking lot could see you putting the packages in your trunk and target your vehicle after you have gone in to shop.
  • If you have a vehicle that doesn't have a trunk, put shopping bags on the floor and toss a blanket over them so they are not in plain sight.
  • If you have a pickup, be sure to keep the tailgate and bedcover locked.
  • Avoid carrying a bulky purse; try putting just your ID and the cards/cash you will need in your pockets.
  • If you must carry a purse, don't put it in a shopping cart. Keep it closed and close to you at all times.
  • If you must put your purse in the shopping cart, don't use the "baby seat." Instead, put it down in the cart and cover it with the items you are going to purchase. When you get to the checkout, you can put those items up first and your purse will be ready for you to use. BE SURE TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SHOPPING CART AT ALL TIMES IF YOU HAVE A PURSE IN IT.
  • Never leave a purse or wallet in your vehicle.
  • If you are purchasing high dollar items, try to plan your shopping so you can take these items home and lock them up before continuing to the next store.
  • Have your keys ready in hand before leaving a store. Purse snatchers and thefts from your bags can happen when you are distracted and searching for your keys.
  • Thefts can also happen while your back is turned as you are loading your purchases into your vehicle. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The following are the top 5 calls for service and arrests for each patrol district -- 10/01/2012 through 10/31/2012.

Call Type Frequency Call Type Frequency
Subjects Disturbing 427 Subjects Disturbing 437
Check Welfare 316 Check Welfare 366
Loud Music/Noise 212 Other Agency Assist 258
Other Agency Assist 185 Suspicious Activity 207
Suspicious Activity 184 Loud Music/Noise 150

Arrests Frequency Arrests Frequency
Rape 1 Homicide 1
Robbery 6 Rape 2
Aggravated Assault10 Robbery 6
Breaking & Entering2 Aggravated Assault 13
Theft 65 Breaking & Entering 7
GTA 1 Theft 86
Alcohol/DUI 78 GTA 1
Other Assaults 37 Alcohol/DUI 77
Disorderly Conduct 13 Other Assaults 68
Drugs 51 Disorderly Conduct 17
Fiscal/Forgery 17 Drugs 43
Loitering/Runaway 6 Fiscal/Forgery 26
Sex Offenses 3 Loitering/Runaway 6
Vandalism 19 Sex Offenses 5
All Other 141 Vandalism 20

All Other 250

Call Type Frequency Call Type Frequency
Subjects Disturbing 396 Check Welfare 318
Check Welfare 387 Burglary Alarm 248
Burglary Alarm 281 Subjects Disturbing 235
Suspicious Activity 257 Other Agency Assist 216
Other Agency Assist 198 Suspicious Activity 196

Arrests Frequency Arrests Frequency
Robbery 1 Aggravated Assault 4
Aggravated Assault 12 Breaking & Entering 9
Breaking & Entering 5 Theft 107
Theft 71 GTA 1
GTA 4 Alcohol/DUI 54
Alcohol/DUI 72 Other Assaults 23
Other Assaults 54 Disorderly Conduct 29
Disorderly Conduct 33 Drugs 30
Drugs 61 Fiscal/Forgery 10
Fiscal/Forgery 20 Loitering/Runaway 5
Loitering/Runaway 16 Sex Offenses 2
Sex Offenses4 All Others 68
Vandalism 17
All Other143


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Have those personal papers shredded instead of tossing in the trash or the recycle and help protect yourself against identity theft.

The City of Mesa will be holding a shred-a-thon from 8am to Noon on Saturday, November 17 at the East Mesa Service Center, 6935 E Decatur St. This is no cost to take advantage of this service, but there are restrictions. Visit for additional info or call City of Mesa Customer Service at 480-644-2221.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Be wary of potential scams related to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. While there are many legitimate relief organizations, consumer scams tend to pop up after a natural disaster. Here are a few tips for charitable giving:
  • Donate to reputable charities rather than ones you don't recognize.
  • Don't judge a charity by its name. False charities use names that closely resemble the real thing.
  • Don't let callers play on your sympathy.
  • Don't be pressured. Give only when you are comfortable with the charity.
  • Avoid cash donations; make checks payable to the organization, not the individual you are speaking with.
  • Internet scams may emerge on social media and through unsolicited emails.
  • Be cautious of social media postings, emails and websites claiming to have exclusive video or pleading for donations. The postings often include malicious code that attempts to infect your computer with viruses, spyware or Trojan horses.