Thursday, June 20, 2013

24 Hour Exceptional Incident Report

DATE & TIME:  06/19/2013 05:51:00      DISTRICT:  Superstition      SHIFT: Graves
ACTIVITY:  Other      CRIME CATEGORY:  Accident      CRIME TYPE: Accident
DR #:  20131700105
LOCATION:  9000 E Warner, MESA, AZ
NOTES: On 06-19-13 at approximately 0551 hours, MPD Officers were dispatched to Loop 202/South of Warner do to a partial bridge collapse. Upon arrival Officers learned that wooded forms and metal iron I Beams fell on two freeway construction workers. This occurred as the workers were dismantling the forming frames. One subject was injured and was transported by air to Scottsdale Osborne. One victim died on scene due to his injuries. The PIO, Homicide unit, ADOT, OSHA, Mesa Fire, and OME were notified and responded to the scene. A collaborated investigation was conducted.

DATE & TIME:  06/19/2013  15:41:00       DISTRICT:  Red Mountain      SHIFT: Swings
ACTIVITY: Other      CRIME CATEGORY: Miscellaneous     CRIME TYPE: Miscellaneous
DR #: 20131700466
LOCATION:  2800 block E Fairfield, MESA, AZ
NOTES:  On 06/19/2013 Red Mtn Patrol responded to the 2800 block of E Fairfield reference a drowning call. It was reported that a 7-year-old boy was found at the bottom of the pool. While officers were en-route, the reporting party stated the 7-year-old had started breathing. Upon Police and Fire’s arrival the child was breathing, alert and talking. The mother of the child reported that her son and several other children were swimming along with her and an additional adult female. The boy had been swimming from one side of the pool to the other under water. There were no indications of him having any problems until one of the children saw him at the bottom of the pool. The mother stated she did CPR as soon as they got the boy out of the water and he quickly began breathing on his own. There were no signs of anything suspicious or any signs of abuse or neglect. The child was transported to Banner Desert Hospital as a precaution and is expected to be fine.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Homicide Leads to Suspect in Valero Homicide

On 6/15/2013, officers responded to a shooting call in the 1700 block of S. Toltec in Mesa. When they arrived, the victim, Darwin Banks, 52, was suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was able to give a suspect description before he was transported to the hospital. Initial information leads detectives to believe the shooting was related to a drug deal between the victim and suspect. Banks died several hours later at the hospital as a result of his injuries.
Photo of Suspect Keishaun Green

Arriving officers located the two suspects matching the description in the area. They were both detained and taken to the station for questioning. After questioning, Keishaun Green, 20, was booked for one count of first degree murder. Suspect two, a fifteen-year-old male, was booked for one count of first degree murder. His name has been withheld pending the decision to charge him as an adult.

When Green was arrested, physical evidence from the Toltec homicide linked him to the Valero gas station homicide on 5/31/2013. In that case, the clerk was shot by an unknown suspect. Green has not admitted involvement in that case, but is now considered a suspect in that homicide as well.

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24 Hour Exceptional Incident Report

DATE & TIME: 06/18/2013 01:42:00
SHIFT: Graves
ACTIVITY: Arrest Situations
CRIME TYPE: Accident 
DR #: 20131690035
LOCATION: 1400 S Dobson, MESA, AZ 
Dobson Patrol Officers on an unrelated call heard a loud collision and upon searching, located a single vehicle accident at the entrance to Banner Desert Hospital, 1400 S. Dobson. Initial investigation revealed that the elderly male driver of a brown Oldsmobile sedan did not appear to be breathing and was possibly having a heart attack. EMS personnel were dispatched and performed CPR until the driver could be moved in to the ER at Banner Desert. Due to the serious nature of injuries, Traffic detectives were called to investigate. Roadway evidence and an eyewitness to the incident indicate that the incident involved only one vehicle and no impairment is suspected. Responding family confirmed the driver has pre-existing medical conditions and it is believed he was attempting to negotiate the turn in to the hospital when he lost control and collided with the marquee sign in the landscape area of the hospital. As of this writing, the investigation is on-going and the patient has been transported from Banner Desert to a nearby trauma hospital for treatment. 

DATE & TIME: 06/18/2013 01:14:00
SHIFT: Graves
ACTIVITY: Arrest Situations
CRIME TYPE: NonResidence-Unlawful Entry 
DR #: 20131680670
LOCATION: 1500 blk W Capri Ave, MESA, AZ 
SUSPECTS: Daniel Scott
On 6/18/2013 at 0114 hours, Dobson officers and K9 officers located a robbery warrant suspect, Daniel Scott, hiding under a boat trailer in the back yard of the residence in the 1500 block of W. Capri Avenue. The extraditable warrant out of Delaware listed S/Scott as "Armed and Dangerous." The suspect had been contacted earlier, but fled from police in the area of Longmore and Capri. The suspect was not compliant with officer commands and a K9 police service dog was deployed. The suspect was bitten before being taken into custody. S/Scott was treated and released. He was booked on 2-counts of Criminal Trespass and for the robbery warrant.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

24 Hour Exceptional Incident Report

DATE & TIME: 06/12/2013 20:48:00
      DISTRICT: Central
SHIFT: Swings
ACTIVITY: Fatal Collisions
CRIME TYPE: Accident 
DR #: 20131630748
LOCATION: 1600 N Country Club, MESA, AZ 
Officer Reagan was parked on the northwest corner of Country Club and McClellan observing traffic when she heard the very loud noise of an approaching motorcycle northbound on Country Club. The speed of the motorcycle held her attention and she watched as the rider passed through McClellan. The rider then collided with a Chevy minivan also travelling north. Officer Reagan responded across the street and immediately began chest compressions on the rider, who appeared to have significant head trauma from not wearing a helmet. Officer Reagan continued chest compressions for several minutes until other Police and Mesa Fire units could respond to take over. Mesa Fire continued to attempt life- saving procedures but after several minutes, the rider was pronounced dead on the scene. Traffic and VCU Detectives responded and took over the investigation. Impairment on the part of the minivan driver was not a factor in this collision, and it is undetermined for the motorcyclist at this point. As of this writing, next of kin notification is being attempted and OME responded for the victim. His identity is being withheld until family has been notified.

DATE & TIME: 06/12/2013 23:13:00
SHIFT: Graves


ACTIVITY: Arrest Situations
CRIME TYPE: Knife or Cutting Instrument 

DR #: 20131630883

LOCATION: 1233 N Mesa Dry, MESA, AZ 

SUSPECTS: Ryan, Jason;



On the listed date and time officers responded to a subjects disturbing call. Upon arrival witnesses and victim stated sibling was inside the residence with a knife. Suspect threatened victim with a knife and was in a physical with him. Suspect flung open front door and would not listen to commands or show his hands. Taser was deployed and subject was taken into custody without further incident. Suspect was booked for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct.


The following are the top 5 calls for service and arrests for each patrol district -- 5/01/2013 through 5/31/2013.

Call TypeFrequencyCall TypeFrequency
Subjects Disturbing448Subjects Disturbing431
Check Welfare377Check Welfare378
Other Agency Assist211Other Agency Assist224
Loud Music/Noise198Suspicious Activity187
Suspicious Activity165Civil Matter178

Aggravated Assault12Robbery2
Breaking & Entering1Aggravated Assault11
Theft54Breaking & Entering6
Other Assaults37Alcohol/DUI77
Disorderly Conduct25Other Assaults70
Drugs56Disorderly Conduct33
All Other176Sex Offenses1
All Other288


Call TypeFrequencyCall TypeFrequency
Check Welfare397Check Welfare328
Subjects Disturbing377Burglary Alarm267
Burglary Alarm286Subjects Disturbing246
Suspicious Activity225Other Agency Assist213
Loud Music/Noise192Suspicious Activity165

Aggravated Assault9Aggravated Assault4
Breaking & Entering8Breaking & Entering4
Other Assaults56Alcohol/DUI75
Disorderly Conduct41Other Assaults32
Drugs61Disorderly Conduct22
Sex Offenses2Loitering/Runaway18
Vandalism25Sex Offenses1
All Other135Vandalism14
All Other76