Tuesday, February 6, 2018

15 Arrests for Prostitution in Operation Eagle's Nest

January was Human Trafficking Awareness Month. In keeping with the Mesa Police Department's efforts to raise awareness and stop Human Trafficking, detectives conducted Operation Eagle's Nest, an operation targeting persons seeking prostitutes online.

Detectives, using common social media platforms, posted ads for suspects seeking illegal sex acts.  Suspects responding to the ad arrived at a pre-determined location where instead of sex, they were met by officers instead of prostitutes and taken into custody. Fifteen suspects were taken into custody for ARS 13-3214, Solicitation of Prostitution, a class one Misdemeanor, during the operation. The suspects ranged in age from 29 to 62 years old.  This operation was conducted in support of the National Johns Suppression Initiative (NJSI).  Stopping Human Trafficking and Prostitution will continue to be a high priority for the Mesa Police Department.

Jeffrey Miller
Andrew Heredia
Gary Uchytil
Kenneth Early
Gerardo Guevera

George Lindbloom
Gary Fobare
Edgar Martinez
Juan Lopez-Escobar
Jonas Yoder
Bryan Stonecipher
Demetrius Montoya
Honnatthan Garcia-Perez
Thomas Lynch
Arturo Cuevas


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