Monday, April 1, 2013

Orangewood Shadows Quilters Provide Quilts to Mesa PD for Homeless

We want to give a Mesa PD shout out to a fabulous group of busy ladies at Orangewood Shadows RV Resort. For the last few years, they have dropped off hand-made quilts for our officers to carry in their vehicles and provide to any homeless they come in contact with on our cold winter nights. They have already dropped off 53 quilts this year!  Sgt. Mike Ivey shared that he handed out five quilts in one evening to homeless Romanian refugee families. One family was a mother with two young daughters who hugged their quilts and could not believe they were their very own to keep.
We so very much appreciate the effort of these ladies and appreciate their thoughtfulness in making and providing these quilts.

These wonderful quilters have a booth at the Orangewood Shadows store and the profits go toward quilt supplies. Orangewood Shadows is located at 3165 E University Drive in Mesa. The store is open the first and third Saturdays, December through March, from 9am to Noon.


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