Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Homicide Leads to Suspect in Valero Homicide

On 6/15/2013, officers responded to a shooting call in the 1700 block of S. Toltec in Mesa. When they arrived, the victim, Darwin Banks, 52, was suffering from gunshot wounds. The victim was able to give a suspect description before he was transported to the hospital. Initial information leads detectives to believe the shooting was related to a drug deal between the victim and suspect. Banks died several hours later at the hospital as a result of his injuries.
Photo of Suspect Keishaun Green

Arriving officers located the two suspects matching the description in the area. They were both detained and taken to the station for questioning. After questioning, Keishaun Green, 20, was booked for one count of first degree murder. Suspect two, a fifteen-year-old male, was booked for one count of first degree murder. His name has been withheld pending the decision to charge him as an adult.

When Green was arrested, physical evidence from the Toltec homicide linked him to the Valero gas station homicide on 5/31/2013. In that case, the clerk was shot by an unknown suspect. Green has not admitted involvement in that case, but is now considered a suspect in that homicide as well.

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