Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do You Lock Your Doors and Roll Up Your Windows When You Pump Gas?

Other areas of the country are seeing 'sliders' who target women's purses at gas stations. We haven't seen this here...yet. It is a crime of opportunity and distraction. Basically, they watch for a woman by herself filling up the gas tank of her car. They pull into the station next to her car, as if to get gas themselves. A 'slider' will then open the door or reach in the open window and grab her purse or any other valuables in the front seat and drive off while the woman is still busy and distracted on the other side of her car pumping gas. Some of these thieves have been caught on surveillance video. Watch HERE and see how they do it. Remember to lock your doors and roll up your windows while you pump gas or while you go into the gas station to make a purchase.