Friday, November 15, 2013

Murder/Suicide Prevented

On the afternoon of November 13, 2013 Mesa detectives received information that the suspect, Carlos Hillan, age 34, was planning a domestic violence murder/suicide similar to one we saw in Phoenix two days prior. In that case, the suspect killed his wife and family. He also set his wife’s body on fire before killing himself. Fortunately, a roommate/co-worker became aware of his intentions and called the police.

The suspect was taken into custody at his estranged wife’s house while he was waiting for her to arrive home from work. He was arrested jumping the back wall of the house with a gas can in hand and lighter on his person. When later interviewed, he admitted to his plan and also said that he was going to kill his wife’s current boyfriend and potentially harm their 3-year-old daughter. The mother and daughter were not injured and the suspect was been booked on two counts of Attempted First Degree Murder, Attempted Arson and Burglary. During an interview after his arrest, he admitted to his plan to kill his estranged wife and her boyfriend.

This is another tremendous example of “If you see something, say something.” Had the roommates not taken action and called the police it seems clear that we would be talking about another tragedy today. There are not words to describe the immediate and dedicated work of the detectives and officers who stopped this crime before it happened.