Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DUI Suspect Threatens Officer And States He "Wants To See Another Police Memorial"

On Monday, July 7th, just before 3 in the afternoon, Mesa patrol officers responded the parking lot of an apartment complex located in the 900 block of  South Longmore reference an intoxicated subject sitting in a truck. Information prior to officer's arrival was that this subject almost hit the porch of an apartment while driving around in the lot. 
Febyruss Benally

When officers arrived they located the subject, later identified as 31 year-old Febyruss Benally (pictured), walking away from the described truck and enter an apartment.  Officers contacted Benally at the apartment and he immediately became irate and began yelling profanities.  Benally, who could barely keep his balance,  reeked of alcohol and had watery bloodshot eyes.

The officers' investigation showed Benally was the subject driving the truck and they initiated a DUI investigation, but he refused all field sobriety tests.  The officers then located a warrant for Benally's arrest and took him into custody.  During the arrest, Benally began talking about how he was going to "kill an officer's wife and kids and bury them." 

During a search incident to arrest, Marijuana was also discovered in the possession of the defendant.  As Benally was being placed in the patrol car, he continued saying he was going to "bury an officer" when he gets out of jail and then "kill their wife and kids."  He added that he "wanted to see another police memorial."

In addition to the drugs discovered on Benally, a cold open can of beer was located in the vehicle.  Officers also learned that the plates on the vehicle were suspended and Benally's driver's license was suspended and revoked.  He was booked on the following:

Aggravated DUI
Possession of Marijuana and Drug Paraphernalia
Threatening and Intimidating
Possession of an Open Container


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