Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Subject Arrested for Assaulting Bus Driver

The Mesa Police Department arrested Robert Nathaniel White, 27, (pictured) on one count of Aggravated Assault for the assault of a Valley Metro bus driver on September 29, 2014.

On September 8, 2014, the Mesa Police Department received reports from witnesses that a Valley Metro bus driver had been assaulted by a passenger in the area of Main Street and Sycamore in Mesa. Officers made contact with the witnesses and the 60-year-old victim and learned that a passenger had become upset at the bus driver for not moving the bus to a dry location before he exited. The passenger wanted to remove his bicycle off of the front bike rack without getting wet. The roads in that area of Mesa were flooded with several inches of water due to the rain storms throughout the day.

Robert Nathaniel White became confrontational with the victim and began punching him several times in the face. The victim was seat belted into the driver's seat and could not escape the attack. Once the assault stopped, Robert White retrieved his bicycle from the front rack and fled the scene. The victim sustained multiple head injuries.

Following the assault, video of the attack was released and aired on several news outlets. Family members of the suspect recognized him from the video and encouraged him to "do the right thing," and turn himself in. The suspect, through his brother, contacted the Phoenix Police Department and turned himself in. Mesa detectives went to Phoenix and took custody of Mr. White. In an interview, White said that he was upset because he had to work and did not want to get wet removing his bike from the rack on the front of the bus.

Following the interview, White was booked on the listed charges.

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