Thursday, April 2, 2015

Media Release - Child Prostitution Arrests

On March 28, 2015, the Mesa Police Department conducted operation "Blue Heat." The operation was conducted by undercover detectives posing as underage females. During the operation four suspects responded to the designated location to pay for sex with who they believed was a 16-year-old female. This operation was similar to previous operations in an ongoing effort to stop child prostitution.

The suspects arrested ranged in age from 27 to 44 years old. When the suspects arrived at the location they were taken into custody. Three were charged with Child Prostitution, a class 2 felony. One suspect was charged with Prostitution, a class 1 Misdemeanor. The final suspect tried to arrange for the girls to "work" for him and was charged with Pandering, a class 5 Felony.

Crimes involving children are of the highest priority for the Mesa Police Department. Operations of this type have shown time and again to be successful and remove dangerous child predators from our community.

All of the suspects were transported and booked for the listed Felony and Misdemeanor charges.


David Diego-Miguel, 27; 1 count Child Prostitution (class 2 Felony)
Aaron Mancera-Rogue, 44; 1 count Child Prostitution (class 2 Felony)
Sergio Antunez-Martinez, 33; 1 count Prostitution (class 1 Misdemeanor)
Robert Lopez, 42; 1 count Child Prostitution (class 2 Felony)
Anton Miles, 32; 2 counts Pandering (class 5 Felony)

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