Monday, November 14, 2016

Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

Julio Fernandez-Salazar
On 11-12-16 Mesa Police responded to the area of 2060 N. Center in Mesa, AZ for a possible kidnapping call. A male victim called 911 saying he was being held against his will and he described being in a trailer home along with the surroundings he could see. He described his kidnapper as an adult male named Julio. A reverse 911 hit placed the call in the area of 2060 N Center. 

Based on information provided by the victim, Detectives were able to identify an investigative lead within the complex. Detectives responded and observed that the surroundings matched the description given by the victim over the phone. Detectives knocked and made contact with the occupants of the home and all of them complied to verbal commands to step outside. Julio’s family members were interviewed and stated the victim arrived two days ago and was staying in the back bedroom. They claimed they did not know why the victim was staying with them. 

The victim was interviewed and stated he was forced to smuggle drugs across the border by other unknown armed men. He said once he arrived in Tucson he was picked up by Julio and taken to Phoenix. He stated Julio threatened him and stated he needed to pay a ransom to be released.
Julio was interviewed and stated he received a phone call two days ago and was offered money to keep the victim in his home. Julio stated he knew the victim was being held against his will and would not be able to leave until the ransom was paid. Julio stated someone was supposed to pick up the victim from his home and he disclosed having a .22 cal rifle at home. The rifle was found in the residence once a search warrant was served. Julio stated he knew what he was doing was wrong and said he never harmed the victim. 

Julio Fernandez-Salazar DOB:10-28-1981 has been booked into jail and is charged with one count of kidnapping and one count of misconduct involving weapons/prohibited possessor, both felony charges.  

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