Monday, June 12, 2017

Adult Probation Officer Arrested for Unlawful Sexual Conduct

On June 8, 2017 Mesa Police Detectives arrested Sedric Gant, a Maricopa County Adult Probation Officer, for Unlawful Sexual Conduct, 13-1409A2 C5F. 

Detectives began working the case several weeks ago when officials from Maricopa County Adult Probation called to report their suspicion of Gant’s illegal conduct.   Officials believed that Gant was exchanging sex for easy probation terms.  Detectives worked the case for weeks to identify the victim and interview the suspect.  After the interview, Gant was taken into custody.  During the interview, Gant admitted to engaging in sexual activity with a female on probation under his supervision.  The victim reported receiving lenient probation terms in exchange for the sexual favors.  

This case may have gone unreported had it not been for Maricopa County Adult Probation coming forward to report their suspicion of their employee.

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