Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mesa, AZ - Lowest Crime Rate in Over 50 Years

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) 2012 Uniformed Crime Report (UCR), the City of Mesa, Arizona ranks 3rd in the NATION in overall lowest crime rates among cities with a population of 400,000 or greater. The UCR "Part 1" crimes consist of Violent and Property Crime Categories:

Aggravated Assault

Stolen Vehicles

Among cities our size or larger, Mesa had the 3rd lowest Violent crime rate and 4th lowest Property crime rate, for an overall 3rd lowest Part 1 crime rate. Mesa is experiencing historic lows in crime and by all accounts, 2013 will be lower than 2012.

"The Mesa Police Department's extensive use of intelligence led policing and predictive policing policies are just a few of the many reasons why Mesa is one of the safest cities in the United States," said District 3 Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh, who is Chair of the Council Public Safety Committee. "I could not be more proud of the outstanding work being done by the men and women of the Mesa Police Department and we will continue to support them by giving them the assets and resources necessary to keep our city safe."

Mesa Police Chief Frank Milstead credits, "community partnerships and world class policing by the men and women of the Mesa Police Department," for this success. He adds, "With the trust and support of a community all things are possible. Without these, little can be accomplished. We value greatly the strong relationship we enjoy with the citizens of Mesa and recognize that this success is as much theirs as it is ours."

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