Friday, July 12, 2013

24 Hour Exceptional Incident Report

DATE & TIME: 07/11/2013 23:29:00
DISTRICT: Red Mountain
SHIFT: Graves
CRIME CATEGORY: Narcotics/Drugs (Heroin)
DR#: 20131920776
LOCATION: 1721 E University
SUSPECTS: Gustavo Vender
NOTES: On the above date and time, an officer stopped a male subject for walking in the roadway. The suspect initially stopped and then fled on foot when he saw backup officers arrive. Officers gave chase and S/Vender was nearly struck by a motorist while running across University. S/Vender was caught in the back fenced yard of 418 N. Hall. S/Vender was taken into custody and a Tec-9 handgun was located in his waistband. S/Vender also had drug paraphernalia and Heroin on his person. S/Vender was on probation and a prohibited possessor. S/Vender was warned about any hidden drugs on his person and taking them into the jail. S/Vender denied any more drugs on his person;  once at the jail another piece of Heroin was located inside his sock.

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