Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mesa Police to Target School Areas for Back to School

In an effort to reduce school related collisions, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety is partnering with Mesa Police to enforce traffic and criminal laws.

In order to increase public awareness and keep children safe as the school year returns, the Mesa Police Department will target school zones and surrounding areas with saturated patrols. The increased patrols will start on the morning of August 7th, which is the first day of classes for the Mesa Public Schools and Gilbert Public Schools districts. The intensive enforcement will continue through the first two weeks of classes. While traffic enforcement is a year-round priority for the Mesa Police Department, these high profile areas will be heavily patrolled during this two-week period.

The Mesa Police Department offers these safety tips related to traffic around schools:
  • Follow all speed and parking laws. School areas are well marked. Park only in designated areas.
  • Establish a meeting time and location to pick up your child.
  • Be patient. Allow plenty of time to deal with heavy traffic flow during the beginning and end of school.
  • Do no use mobile phones or other potentially distracting devices while driving around schools.
  • Expect the unexpected. Students make mistakes when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle safety.
  • Stop and look both ways before pulling out of parking lots and side streets.

Funding was provided by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.