Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dobson graveyard officers end Day's night!

Dobson graveyard crew end Day's night!

Southwest Mesa was getting hit hard with vehicle and residential burglaries of late.  Well, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (around 4am), the Dobson graveyard patrol officers got their man! They responded to a call of a suspicious subject trying doors on condos in the area of 2300 W. Lindner.  Graveyard patrol officers dropped a net on the area. They located the suspect vehicle, engine running, loaded with what would later be identified as stolen property, drugs and weapons.

Officers caught 28 year-old Tyler Day as he burst out the front door of a residence, while the victim homeowners slept.  The ensuing investigation would identify numerous residential and vehicle burglary victims in this complex that night. Investigators believe Day may be responsible for additional crimes of this ilk in their district and are working hard to put additional cases together.  This was an excellent example of a community working with their police department to thwart crime and demonstrates what can happen if you "say something, when you see something."  Our hats off to Dobson graveyard officers for a job well done....again.

Day was booked on numerous felony charges involving burglary, drugs and weapons charges.