Tuesday, January 21, 2014

DUI Suspect Strikes Officer With Vehicle While Fleeing Traffic Stop

This morning at approximately 5:10 AM, we had a two-man unit initiate a traffic stop on a red Toyota truck with a single occupant.  The truck initially pulled over at Cicero/Higley and our officers made contact with the driver, whom was identified as 37 year-old Rogelio Vargas.  The officers detected the odor of burnt Marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked the driver to step out of the truck.

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Vargas opened the door as if to get out, but instead shifted into drive and sped off striking our officer with the door and side of truck as he fled.  The officer was able to maintain his footing and get back to his vehicle.  Due to Vargas hitting our officer and the indication he may be impaired, the officers initiated a pursuit, which led them into the neighborhood in this area.

Approximately, one minute later, as the suspect vehicle came back out onto Higley at Adobe, it rolled as Vargas had taken the corner too fast.  Our officers immediately drew their weapons and took him into custody without further incident.  Our officer and Vargas were both seen at the hospital and later released with minor injuries.  

During interview, Vargas stated he did not remember what happened and had used a large amount of illegal drugs that night. He was booked into our jail for Aggravated Assault on a Police Officer and Unlawful Flight.  In addition, Vargas will be charged with DUI Drugs via a long form complaint.

They say football is a game of inches, sometimes so is law enforcement.  Needless to say, we are thankful our officers are okay and no citizens were injured by this suspect's reckless driving.

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