Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Spring Break is just around the corner for school children! If you have a child who will be home alone during
the week of Spring Break, please find productive activities to keep your child safe and out of harm's way when you are not home. Perhaps a neighbor or relative would be able to watch your child. If that is not possible, remind your child daily to follow your guidelines regarding opening the door, answering the phone, cooking, etc.

If you are home during the week, there are many great things around Mesa that you can do with your child,
including museums, movies, picnics at your local park, etc.

If you see children doing things that could be dangerous to them or others (such as playing in a park or in the
street unattended; climbing on roofs, buildings or homes; playing on vacant property; playing with matches; throwing rocks at homes, vehicles or people; etc.), please call the police at 480-644-2211, option 2. We want this to be a safe and enjoyable Spring Break for everyone.

For information on how to keep your child safe when you are not home, please visit