Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to School - Driver/Student Safety Tips

Safety tips for drivers
1. Follow all speed and parking laws. School areas are well marked. Park only in designated areas.
2. Talk to your child about where to meet and when.
3. Be patient . Allow plenty of time to deal with heavy traffic flow for the beginning and end of school.
4. Do not use cell phones or other potentially distracting devices while driving around schools.
5. Expect the unexpected. Students make mistakes when it comes to pedestrian and bicycle safety. Stop and look both ways before pulling out of the parking lot or side street.
Source: Mesa Police Department

Safety tips for students
• Students should walk their bikes and carry their scooters while on school property or in crosswalks.
• Do not enter the crosswalk until the crossing guard signals you to do so.
• Do not bounce balls in loading zones or crosswalks.
• Do not walk next to the curb in a loading/unloading zone or along the road. Stay away from the vehicles.
• Do not cross between cars or buses. Use crosswalks in parking lots and on the streets.
• No running.
• Parents should not unload/load passengers in the street or designated bus only zones.
• If you drop something in a parking lot, crosswalk or loading zone, get an adult. Do not go under a vehicle or chase after the item.
• Remind parents, school zones are 15MPH - No passing.
• Parents should not park in a loading zone. The vehicle must have an occupant who can legally operate the vehicle at all times.
• Remember: Safety over convenience.
Source: Higley Unified School District