Thursday, September 6, 2012


Summer Tactical Enforcement Action Mission
June 19th, 2012 through September 2nd, 2012
  • Operation STEAM is a coordinated crime-fighting effort directed at persons, places and activities that may lead to an increase in PART I crimes.
  • This operation consists of highly visible patrol operations, enforcement of statutes, and education on dangerous behaviors.
  • Operation STEAM deploys officers (25 of our top producers from Gangs and Patrol) based on current crime trends identified through CompStat and information leading to criminals and planned criminal activity.
  • The objective is to reduce PART I crimes by performing high visibility enforcement, contacts and education.
Below are the results from this summer operation:


Felonies                                 387
Misdemeanors                       857
Gang Members                      155

Seized Drugs:

Marijuana (grams)            1050.8
Cocaine (grams)                   41.2
Heroin (grams)                   15.35
Prescription Drugs (pills)        320
Other (grams)                   111.35


Field Interview Cards              925
On Views                             1085
Assumed Investigations         229
Reports/Supps Written        1448
Traffic Stops                        5251
Citations                                790
GMIC                                     265

***During this operation, our city realized a 3% reduction in Part I crimes**