Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The Mesa Police Department has started a new blog.  In the coming weeks, you can expect posts regarding the following topics:

1.  Ask the Chief: Message your public appropriate question for Mesa Police Chief Frank Milstead through our online form.  We will post your question and the Chief's response on this blog.

2.  Get to Know...: Once a month we will pose 5-10 questions to a member of the Mesa Police Department and post the questions and responses on this blog.  Get to know the people behind the uniform.

3.  Crime Stats: These posts will be a variety of crime statistics, either city wide or broken down by patrol districts, relating to topics such as: Top 5 calls for service; arrests; and a variety of other pertinent crime data.

These are just some of the coming post topics we will have as we get our blog up and rolling.  Please feel free to contact us regarding your opinions or suggestions for information you would like to see on our blog.

Have a Great Day,

Sgt. Tony Landato
Media Relations