Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Businesses owners -- the following tips can help reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

Install metal guards around the deadbolt locks to protect against prying-type instruments, such as a crowbar, from forcing open the lock.

Reinforce common walls shared with a next door business. Using materials such as steel reinforced concrete would provide the best protection. Make it more difficult & time consuming to gain entry by installing cabinets and reinforced backing or heavy metal shelving units affixed to the wall. Put heavy items on bottom shelves that will make them more difficult to slide away from the wall and harder to tip over.

Secure ladders and other roof access means when not in use. Downspouts should be part of the building, not attached to it.

Install security laminate on the glass in windows and an adhesive sealant around inside and outside edges up to the frame of the windwow casings and trim. Secure sliding windows and doors with locks and a screw inside the track to prevent lifting and removing the window.

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