Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Police Story

Recently Mesa PD Officer Gransee was called to a scene and arrested a subject for DUI drugs.  Upon completion of the DUI investigation, the suspect called a friend to pick him up from the police station.  However, upon the friend's arrival to the police station, Officer Gransee recognized him from the original call.  He determined this subject, now a driver, was also under the influence.  The investigation resulted in his arrest for DUI drugs.

Normally, this story would end here, however, the parade continued.  When the second suspect was to be released, he called a friend guessed it, drives up also under the influence.  The now third investigation resulted in this suspect being arrested for DUI drugs also. But wait! Just like the TV infomercials, "that's not all." When our third suspect calls a friend to be picked up, this FOURTH subject drives up and is........under the influence.  A fourth arrest was made...

This light hearted portrayal of an actual incident, should be an example to all that drugs most certainly IMPAIR.  Thankfully, this story can be told anecdotally and did not have a tragic ending.