Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crime Prevention Tip of the Week

Key Sense and Answering the Door:
  • Do not hide house keys in mailboxes, planters or under doormats or rocks. Give a duplicate key to a trusted friend or neighbor in case you are locked out.
  • Do not put any personal identification on key rings.
  • Leave only your ignition key with service mechanics, parking garage attendants or valets.
  • If you lose the keys to your home or when moving into a new home, change the locks immediately.
  • Install a peep hole or wide-angle viewer in all entry doors so you can see who is outside without opening the door. A short chain between the door and the jamb is not a good substitute because it can be easily broken.
  • Install a security screen door (not a regular mesh screen door) and keep it locked at all times.
  • Don't open the door to anyone you do not know without first verifying who they are.
More crime prevention information can be found here.