Tuesday, September 17, 2013

24 Hour Exceptional Incident Report

Aggravated Assault / Possession of Marijuana
On September 17 at 8:00 am, officers responded to a fight in the parking lot of the Circle K Store at 1810 S. Country Club. One subject left prior to officers arriving; the second subject, described as a Hispanic male dressed in black and riding a bicycle, was still on scene. When the first officer pulled into the parking lot from the north, the subject was looking over his shoulder and ran into the front push bars of officer’s patrol vehicle. The subject flew off his bike, over the hood of the patrol vehicle and landed on the ground. The subject then stood up and came at the officer swinging his fist. The backup officer who arrived on scene TASED the subject in the back as he was swinging. The suspect, Michael Leal (26) was taken into custody and booked into Mesa City Jail on aggravated assault and possession of marijuana charges. The subject had no injuries from force used by PD.